Wednesday, May 23, 2007

rainy and fun

Being away from my drawing board for over 4 days now makes me realize how much
I miss it. Who dosen't get turned on by the sight of that smoooooth bristol board, the ink pens, sharpened pencils, and a gummy eraser just begging to be kneaded?

Even if I don't end up actually drawing anything of use, I still like just sitting there and staring at the blank sheet of paper.
granted it goes without saying it would be best if I actually created something with merit, but just messing around has its purpose too.

Picked up some minimole blank notebooks at bookstore yesterday, now I can feel secure that at anytime the muse hits , I'm a ready for her....:)

Sudden urge to do comics in French has hit me....thank god for babelfish.....

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