Sunday, June 17, 2007


As promised...second part of da story.
Happy Fathers Day to all you Poppas out there.

Got the day cool a rare Sunday off and nothing to do really,
but stay in, fans blasting on me as I get to spend all day
tooning. What fun! Too lazy to go to movies.
BBQ tonight at my sisters place ...oh joy.

Food of the day: Blueberries
Mood of the day: mellow
Music of the day: The Clash
TV show of the day: Flight of the Conchords on HBO tonight..already saw it...its FUNNY SO WATCH IT!!!!

side note of the strip. originally the guy was saying "Day old Krispy Kreem little lady"..but I'm not sure everyone HAS Krispy Kreems where they are...and well Dunkin Donuts suck ass....
best donuts in Denver LAMARS!


Llywelyn said...

FotC is EXTRA funny if you live in New Zealand. Rocks!!!


i know..its the accents that get a sucker for accents...tee hee

is it on there too now? are they real popular? bring back some music when ya get back here man!!