Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hope springs...

hullo my lovers..........
ahhh kitties,kitties, and more kitties,
anyway...here it is...and none too soon either!!!

glorious two days off now....looking forward to doing..nothing...well I WISH I were, but errands
and etc....will do away with that..
phone message I found upon arriving home tonight, may garner good news tommorow..
no it's not comic related, unfortunately, but it MAY help restore some
of my sanity that I have been missing of late! Please wish me luck!

music of the night:

Elliot Smith- new moon
( nice an mellow for the evening interlude..)

food of the day:
Turkey sammich from Starbucks, believe it or not!
They have a local bakery do their goods and it's not too
shabby. I mean if you had to be in that mall
all the time you'd get sick of it too!!
but the EXPENSE..sheesh...........

night night my sweets

p.s Oh yeah, I can see my POLL has been a real hit....sheesh! can ya vote!!??


Joanna said...

I voted. I think I was hungry when I did though. haha

Good luck on the mysterious news?

Which ones of these strips are new and which aren't? I've never seen any of them so they're all new to me.

Joanna said...

Oh wait. I'm stupid. If you squint real hard you can see "07".