Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"this world is full of crashing bores........

awww that Morrissey...gotta love him...
has nothing to do with this strip...I was just listening to his angst songs while I scanned this and gray toned it...gotta love the quotes man.

Only three more days left at the Ol' Art of Shaving! Come get a shave my love!
Then onward to excitement!! I'm going to organize the whole frickin' world!
Bought some KAKI pants today..eww..yeah,
i KNOW...I ONLY WEAR BLACK..so how could I do it...
well it's a UNIFORM..hahaha, anti-rules and regulations Patty went and followed some!
But after opening weekend we can wear JEANS and I get to order a POLO shirt I DON'T have to tuck...BLACK of course...so you KNOW if you come to visit me...that's what you'll find ME wearing!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHA!!!!

weather report- 103 in the shade

music of the day- Morrissey ( my secret gay boyfriend...)
food of the day- hamburger

special bonus info- i also bought new sleep wear...its PINK!! PINK t-shirt and little ass shorty sleep shorts!! AHEEENNNN who'd a thunk it!!!?


Anonymous said...

I'll be in for a shave on Saturday with bells on ;-)

Joanna said...

So you're buying a pair of khaki pants to wear once? haha Take lots of pics!


looking forward to it you!