Friday, July 27, 2007


....... I don't post any comics in a week and ya'll stop commenting? LOL
HEY! Retail is hardddd...hahhaah..especially on these aging bones...well they feel
like they are aging anyway...If I don't get my strip published soon
and become the next big thing soon...I'm gonna have
to rethink this whole "retail career thing" / "comic thing", over soon.

bed early tonight..up at 5:00 to "learn" how to do shelving,facing and
to stock the's HUGE!
I felt stupid today..I clammed on stuff
I should know..but I am really tired now and It's catching up
to me....what am I gonna be like in 2 more weeks of

no pencil picked up now for a's hurting me...
anyone that has a passion KNOWS what I'm talking about...
too tired to draw is NOT GOOD for Patty!!!

xoxo night my loves


Joanna said...

You want a skin for you cell phone (you don't have one, do you?) or DS or something? Alltel just announced them and I get like a 10% discount until September but I doubt I'll get one. They have Simpsons ones...


nooooooooooooo..cell phone are the EARPIECES To the DEVIL>>>HAHAHHAHAHAHA

--MC said...

No apology needed. Believe me moose, I know a new job can suck the bones right out of your artistic ambitions. Get yourself settled and we'll be here when you're ready.