Monday, July 23, 2007


Guess who visited the QUICKI-MART today? Aheeennn...Man they were sold out of everything but cups, and tacky hats...
so I got a Coke Squishee, now if you know me at all,
you know I gave up drinking COKE a while ago..
So I actually DRANK the
frickin' thing..BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! MAN! I'm flying !!
ANY WHO here's a few photos, there were actually loiterers hanging
around outside so my
outside photos are kind of hastily taken....

Day off today..busy tomorrow ,more training, so far a very positive and
nurturing atmosphere, We were told they only hire the best
so we should consider ourselves proud to be in such an elite group..'d I sneak in there then..hahahaha
but seriously, it's most likely a good move for me..
I'm excited about it..AND about Organizing all you
ding-bat slobs out there...HAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Oh I slay myself. I'm to jittery to draw right now,
I'm going to go clean my bedroom, (ya never know...yeah right..hahaha)


food of the day: dim sum...( yes..again...sigh)

music of the day : IRISH!!!

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