Sunday, August 12, 2007


RIP Merv,,
thas all I got ta say..a TV icon, for those that DONT know much about him read his bio, he did alot more than a chat show and Jeopardy! HE took on Donald TRump and WON ,for one thing
All I know is, I used to watch him when i was a kid ,home sick from school,he had all kinds of guests on and it was always fun. I sort of miss the old style afternoon shows like that, Merv, Mike Douglas......Ellen is good , but not the same.

Onward, first day at was INSANE a packed house, but it ran smoothly and we did HUGE sales, and tons of compliments about the great products and service we gave. So it was cool! IM sore all over though...not used to that kind of job..I think I will be in shape in no time! tee hee

off for Dim SUm with a pal...later mah gaters!!
love ya...


Cathy A. said...

Hey Patty, how's it going? I remember Merv too (and Johnny). I'm so sick of reality TV and all these "cheap to produce" contest shows. (So, did the 30 year old one dimensional guy pick the 48 year old or the 28 year old--I lost interest after 2 shows...)

Anyway, I just received my new EAT CD and 12" from Alt. Tentacles and I am thrilled that they included the entire Live at the Polish American Club set on the CD!! That had to be the BEST concert I've ever been to but my bootleg tape recorder got all muffled when the slam dancing began! If you have not ordered it yet - you've gotta. I see you were listening to Scattered Wahoo Action in an earlier blog - it's actually a great tape to run to! (The Allman Bros. come in a close second).

I'd love to host an RFLR type show here in CT to wake these stodgy people up. I've certainly got the record collection for it. (And I could host a European disco show on another nite! Anyone remember "That's the Meaning"?)

Going to Fla next week to see my mom, Bernie and Guy. Erin will have a blast. Arriving on the 19th, so unfortunately, I'll miss Charlie Pickett on the 18th. That would have been fun.

Sounds like you're keeping busy. What's this blog site all about anyway. MySpace seems to be overrun with hip-hoppers, and Gather is too intellectual for me at times. Hope you're well.


i know what you mean..I barely watch TV now...cept for a choice few shows...
Got some EAT stuff the other day from a fan..very cool
Say hi to everyone in Fladeda!

I've all but abandoned myspace...send me yer reagular email then we can chat off of there...