Wednesday, August 1, 2007


yo! what a week so far, and it's only ...ummm...Wednesday..oh yeah..AUGUST!!
What a year so far! Anyway, short day today, massive stuff yesterday, more tomorrow, long day into 10 pm tomorrow..sheesh!!! Anyway it's pretty crazy fun, but no time
for tooning yet...but rampant ideas so far at least in my widdle brain pan.

Sushi last night with an old pal so that was good....mmmmm...raw fish....arrhghhghghg.(drool drool)
Hope all of you are well, doing what you need to do to keep sane! ( hint hint)

CD of the day: THE EAT..(again!)

food of the day: it's only 9 a.m....TEAS TEA Green Jasmin tea..( damn you James, I love that shit now!!! hee hee)

mood of the day: pessimistically, optimistic......tee heee

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