Saturday, September 29, 2007

so again...

if you go to:
you will see what I'm considering now a "quick sketch" pad for me
a way of practice like we used to do in Art school
we had so many seconds to do a quick sketch..usually of a model
doing quick change poses every 30 seconds or so..we had to
do a fast representation of them...
I'm treating this the same way...seeing how fast I can get across an image.
So far so good..basically I'm gonna copy old photos or what not in my
head....I figure it's more interesting to put in the shadows first then the darker
colours...sort of like water colours! Neato, eh?

Now I'm going to bed an feel better bout my day...we were slammed again..
but it was good..we have a good Saturday team that's fun to work
with so the time went fast...
it's so funny..we make in one day what was taking a whole month or so to do
at my old job..tee hee hee...
food of the day: leftover chicken and yams
music of the day: Hodge podge of stuff
mood of the day: misty eyed and giddy...

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