Thursday, November 15, 2007

sick is no fun...

...especially when its followed by pain... did you know a side effect of a medicine for
UTI's is kidney pain....EXTREME PAIN???
and dizziness and ..well I could go on...but why bother
you get the picture...

a day home from work wasted at the Dr.s and being uncomfortable..sigh

no comics done today.
save me

food of the day: ummm...monkey brains
music of the day: nothing
mood of the day: despondent

OH YEAH P.S I'm selling crap again on EBAY...Auctions # 220171972173 is for HELLO KITTY by the POUND...everything MUST GO..I'm SICK of it all...LOL see the above photo for an namby pamby single item sales..this is the real deal!
AUCTION # 22017977760 is for SIMPSONS dolls...
eventually I need to sell a bunch of if ya KNOW i have something you WANT get ahold of me NOW!!! MY ebay seller name is pjlkit


Joanna said...

Ahhh man. I guess I'm never getting that Hello Kitty box for Alex. I bought her a really cute Hello Kitty shirt from Target the other day. She loves Hello Kitty. How many pounds of stuff do you have anyway?

Reggie said...

I am soooo-ooo sorry. I had a nasty UTI for over 3 months. I've never taken so many antibiotics in my life! The only advice I have is to be sure you drink lots and lots of water...I mean lots. You're supposed to drink 8-10 cups a day normally. I was drinking 12-18. It kept the pain to a minimum. Over the counter AZO stuff doesn't work as well as the perscription. So, if you can afford it, I'd recommend it.

Of course, Oshima Raman is my sick food of choice. ;)

Hope you feel better soon kiddo.