Sunday, December 23, 2007

City on fire...

.... O.K GO see SWEENEY TODD...soon!
Bloody good, even though they cut about half the
songs, Depp did a good job at it. I was relieved.
Lots of lots of blood splurting, LOTS..aheen..
mmmm.meat pies!!!
what gets me is..the trailer has all the talking in it, not much music, the
movie itself, 99.5% music...LOL


Reggie said...

Yesterday my birthday indulgences (read: whining to get what I want) included breaky at Lucile's, National Treasure 2, and dinner at Cafe Vendome. I heard NT2 bombed, so my daughter begged (yes begged) to see Sweeney Todd instead. I told her that I just wasn't into hearing the Deppmeister sing (again). I keep hearing good things so maybe I'll take her anyway. No movie yesterday as it turns out...just waaaaaaaaaay too much wine. Waaay too much. I'm never drinking again. Or at least not today.


i was laid up all night with a tummy i feel for ya..
happy bday gal!!!
ya theres LOTS of slitting of throats and blood spurting..but it all seems o.k with Depp at the wheel..HEE HEE HEE