Monday, December 3, 2007

first day...

...back to work...It remains to be seen how long I last...
I did a mall walk yesterday..lasted a few hrs. but not much more...hmmm
well I'm taking m patch with me and some drugs in least if i get bored I can
pop a percocet ....KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!

penciled TWO fricking pages yesterday...took many breaks and stood for some of I'm feeling quite pleased I made it thru with not too much ill effect today!
and YES, I'm being careful and not doing it "HALF_ASSED" a friend so kindly pointed out..i thank you for your concern... ;)

I want December to be good...short of winning the lottery and not working retail anymore
im not sure what will do it...any suggestions?

xoxoxoxo my lovelies! have a good day..don't stress at work too much!!! it's not worth it!

music of the day: sadly, piped in Xmas crap
food of the day; TUNA!
mood of the day: dull throbbing pain in the center of my back mood.....

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