Friday, December 21, 2007


O.k my little elves, we are all going to be busy now with
all the crap associated with
the holiday so I wanted to say NOW ,have
a good holiday and stuff...if you DO celebrate
that kind of thing,,I'm not sure WHAT I want
to celebrate..but at least I got Xmas day off..LOL

Seriously , don't take stuff to hard, try not
to stress about shit you can't do anything about
listen to some IGGY POP and all will be well..
That and get totally blasted for when you have
to spend time with the relatives that drive you
bat-shit with their conservative postulating
on topics they have no true knowledge of to begin
with ...HEE HEE HEE

Snow tonight..and even xmas day...a white Christmas?
only THREE more days of shit music at work...YEAHH!!!

music of the day: see above..( Iggy..esp The Passenger..)
food of the day: Dim Sum with a pal lunch date...( wish you could come too..we
could party!)
mood of the day; just get me thru the next week and I will love you...

toon time ....until dim sum time ..bye!!!
hugs and happy ho ho ho.. ( no its NOT a whore!!)

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