Sunday, December 9, 2007

i already KNEW this....

I went on Norm Feutis' of RETAIL comicstrip fame... and clicked on the link to take a quiz to see how suitable you are to work retail, results are as following:

Congratulations Patricia!
Your Retail Suitability Quotient is 67%. You are moderately suited to work in the retail industry. You see unreasonable customers as par for the course and have a good tolerance for abuse. You don't let the customers push you around, but you're smart enough to know that they're going to get what they want most of the time anyway. You may find yourself occasionally frustrated when a customer's behavior doesn't meet your expectations, but that's the price you pay for insisting on basic human civilities. You are fairly realistic about your retail overlords and recognize that they have no intention of taking care of you.

You know the game, but that doesn't mean you have to like it.

Thanks for taking the Retail Personality Test!

Best Wishes,

Norm Feuti

Creator of Retail

Author of Pretending You Care: The Retail Employee Handbook

On Dec 8, 2007, at 12:06 PM, patricia leidy wrote:

Email Address:

Name: patricia leidy

Is your faith in humanity easily shaken? Somewhat. The nightly news often tests my faith in people.

How attached are you to your dignity? Somewhat. It's important to me, but I try to have a sense of humor about things.

Under which conditions would you expect the mall to close? A blizzard, A hurricane, A tornado, The apocalypse

How do you prefer to be addressed? First name is fine. I don't have any ego hang-ups.

How much abuse can you tolerate? Not much. I'll make it clear when you've crossed the line.

How do you typically deal with someone who you feel is being unreasonable? With a firm hand and straight talk

Which of the ten federal holidays do you expect to have off? Check all that apply. Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

What type of health care are you accustomed to? PPO

Which of the following retirement plans do you find the most realistic? Online Texas Hold'em

Pertaining to customers, which philosophy do you agree with the most? Live and let die

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