Saturday, December 29, 2007

lets talk snow...

...finally melting, WHEW!
left work early last night..couldn't take it to get thru
Hey ! Here's some photos of my Xmas day....
traditional yule log...mmmm...loggy!!

my sisters back yard

dinner...straight out of Bon Appetit mag..Dec 2007 issue....hee hee

anyway...more toons written, getting my year end round up done,
made my usual end of year calls to sweep stuff under my cobwebby mat o' emotions.
New Year new beginnings coming up...I'm hoping we can all actually GET to new beginnings.
I don't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in fresh starts ( and poptarts)
and better habits.
pass the raspberry tea ya'll, pop a vitamin and do yer exercises!
Draw every day and all will be o.k!!!

Excuse me now, I must go write down another brill comic I thought of....aheeennn

music of the day: IGGY!! ( Yer pretty face is going to HELL!!)
food of the day: bananas
mood of the day: beat me up some more why donchya!

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