Saturday, December 22, 2007


HA HA these Soviet Christmas cards CRACK ME UP! theres a site with tons of them to upload...dang...
MY best present today was finding out I didn't go into work until 4 p.m not 1 as I I'm gonna whip out the pens and ink and sling it like theres no tommorow!!

Wired..left over steak for breakfast, Bowie on the CD player, our aches and pains should all be behind us gang?

hugs and giggles.

music of the day: Bowie, Pop, White Stripes
food of the day; so far, steak and german bakery items...( ohhh no more weight loss this week!!)
mood of the day: ornery and thankful it's almost over! keep yer head low!! hee hee

added holiday bonus..almost as good as the fucking star wars Xmas special

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