Wednesday, December 12, 2007

too tired to think straight... I have to remain in control!
Had to get up at 5:30 am for a meeting at 7:00...woke up middle of the
night unable to get back to sleep ..too much
on my mind..and my back was seizing up alot...
anyway...I'm too tired but had some interesting
conversations with myself in the
early dawn...some comforting, some disconcerting
but things became clearer to me
and some more murky..
how very Zen, eh?

back to work at noon..must go nap.

car defroster not kicking's too cold maybe..or it's breaking
any car guys out there willing to give some advice?
Last thing I can afford is car repairs now..what with
cut in pay and looming Hospital bills ....

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Joanna said...

Somebody once suggested to me that you put a piece of cardboard on your windshield (outside) and that would keep the frost off. I dunno how well that works with a lot of snow.