Thursday, December 6, 2007


Is that a dagger before in my SIDE?
NO! Tis a sharp shooting pain!!!
Oh Joy!

Another cheery side note..yers truly did a bad ebay deal...
miscalculated a ship charge..(we both guessed) and
it looks like i'm not only going to eat the extra cost of 12.59
I loose any monies made from the sale...
so I'm IN the hole for the loot...
sheesh...I give up already..from now on
only SMALL ebay sales////lol

side note..went for Oshama Raman last night with a pal
then stocked up on Whole "Paycheck" groceries...
no more though I sense a tremor in the "banking forces"
and will soon be poor again...

GREAT side note..finishing up the Not my Small Diary deadline..may post on here soon! So watch yer monitors Kiddies!!

music of the day: none yet..its too early
food of the day: blueberry Yogurt with Soy Cereal mixed in
mood of the day: carefully optimistic with a side of rash behaviour


Reggie said...

What time were you at Oshima? I am presently eating leftover pork fried rice. Me and the fam were there about 7p Wed. Funny. I start eating there lots when the weather is crummy.


I was there around 7:15 -30 ish..were you at the counter? the first counter or second..with a little girl i think?
i dont remember it all..
i was in a black sweater/tshirt. fabric backpack, glasses short dark hair..with a guy we sat in the very back...LOL
how funny!
I like to go there in the winter too!! YUM!

everyone left while we were eating we had the whole place to ourselves!
maybe our paths will cross there!