Wednesday, January 23, 2008


....ouch! Well I am the proud owner of a nice little
temporary crown, courtesy of my nice Dr.
I am now an additional 200 and something in the
hole medical-bill wise....along with my nice chunk of change
due for that little escapade in Nov. with my back...I figure it will
take me about 5 years or more in some sort of pathetic payment plan
to work it off....anyway no new MAC for me....hee hee hee..

Permanent crown to be implanted Feb 14th...
a nice auspicious way to commemorate the holiday..shit
I need to keep up the tradition of not particularly
nice stuff happening to me on that day...
it's SUCH a fun day don't you agree.?.. LOL
BAh...send me flowers and call me sweetheart...
my ass.....

hee hee hee
bitter pill pj signing out, comics to ink, hair to dye and cut tomorrow...weee

music of the day: the grinding of a drill ringing in my ears
food of the day: curry shrimp ( yes i made it all by my widdle self...)
mood of the day; OUCH! SHIT that hurt!!!

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