Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Gosh! This year looks like the OLD year so far!! HEE HEE
Who knew?
Got thru my day with out killing anybody, so I consider
that a major victory in my book.
Even with the new winner of the "Most annoying customer, time sucker,
energy drainer" picking ME to help him for ever and ever....

I'm dreading when he come in again and asks for me...
I think I will kill him in the parking lot later on if he does...LOL

Dinner with a friend
Hey those black and white cookies from the New York Deli are

Have a lovely day today my little monkeys!

music of the day: whatever
food of the day: leftover aforementioned cookie
mood of the day: I could possibly care less about anything today...

1 comment:

urbadboy said...

Seems like monkey needs a stress break :-)