Friday, March 7, 2008



Didja ever have one of those
days where ya THINK it's gonna be a good one..and
by night it's one frickin' shithole thing after another..
and WHILE i'm in the grocery store, dropping blueberries
all over the aise,trying to scan my shit at one
of those pissant annoying self serve scanners and NOT
getting it to work right and having to re-do it over
and over and toss the shit in the cart where the useless
sales clerk says.."you have to leave the stuff in the bag after you
scan it...even if the bag is already FULL, thank you very much,
what sense is there in THAT...I'm thinking "oh fuck great..
watch, when I get home some asshole will be parked in my space
and sure enufff... DING...I get home and some asswipe
has PARKED in my reserved, resident only space!! ARGGGGGGGGGG
SOOOOOOOO I go knocking on doors,,NOONE says it's their car..
so do I have it I'm supposed to? ..or write a nasty note
and threaten to have it towed if they do it again...
so I opt for the note...
now I'm going to go drink.....oh wait I DON'T DRINK...
ALL I wanna know is...if I can predict when some asswipe is
going to park in my space....why the HELL can't I
predict the frickin LOTTERY NUMBERS for CHRISSAKE!!??????

gee can you TELL I'm very aggrivated..or what?
I blame YOU!

no comic today....seriously did you EXPECT one?..really?
go 'way now

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Joanna said...

They make you keep your bags there because it weighs everything to make sure you aren't stealing shit. It's really stupid and there's no room if you have more than 2 bags worth of stuff. The self-checkout is only good if you have just a couple of things; otherwise, it's a lot faster to go to a regular line. Stupid Kroger, after a certain time in the night, ONLY has the self-checkout open. That was real fun with a cart-load of stuff. Oh and one time I went through the regular line with strawberries. The stupid bag-lady somehow got the carton open and had strawberries all over the place. Then, instead of offering to get me a new carton, she tried to put them back in the carton, couldn't get it closed, and just threw them all in a plastic bag. I couldn't believe it. They tasted like shit when I got home.