Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Eric watch day 3

Still no signs of my new elusive boyfriend Eric Stoltz...
Is he off making yet another cool Indy flick with
his friends?
Well if anyone spots him..tell him his window of opportunity
is dwindling by the day....

other side note: my new favorite breakfast treat is
GREEK YOGURT I got at Whole Paycheck..it's tarter than our
kind and much thicker..almost like paste...ya mix some honey
into it and I tossd in this cool dried berrie/oat/garanola mix
I got from England and it was yummy filling!

OFF to the races my lovers...
chow chow..

( yes i know no comic..but for good reason...explain later..)


1 comment:

Mark Buford said...

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Eric Stoltz was asked what he though about Godzilla and Mothra. "I don't much care for them myself," he replied, "but I hear they're popular amongst children and emotionally stunted adults."

Gosh, I thought he was the one for you, pumpkin!

Ha Ha Ha! I kid because I love.