Friday, April 18, 2008

it's all so beautiful....

....when you have a day off to do nothing but cartooning...and
THIS happens..what is this? NOTHING happens, that's what!

Loosen up girl! Sheesh!

oh yeah..this is a picture of Eric has absolutely NOTHING to do with this
post, but I decided he's my new boyfriend for the
If you look like Eric, give me a shout out.

If you DON'T look like Eric, give me a shout out anyway.

side note:
Crispen Glover is in town screening his movie "What is it?" I think.
Now back in the day I had a HUGE crush on him. (yes you're getting the
trend..I dig wacky guys...) ..anyway...All weekend he will be screening
and doing a talk at STARZ Cinema. $20 bucks..hmmmmm

music of the day: The Clash
food of the day: Irish Oatmeal with blueberries!
mood of the day: antsy
rant of the day: rude people


Reggie said...

As long as you aren't referring to him as a hottie in Mask, we're on the same page baby.


well.....since yer
yah he IS a total hottie babe...