Thursday, May 15, 2008


They have deceptive powers! Many man has died from the awesome
mad SKILLZZ of the Kung fu prawns!
Tremble under their mighty gaze ,FOOLISH MORTAL!!

ahem....we now return to your regularly scheduled
blog rant.

new stuff done...mailed..yadda yadda...
oh car passed emissions today!
Strike a blow for gas guzzlers everywhere!
I seem to be blowing thru gas faster now than before..
can they actually thin out the gas so we burn more
or something! I mean, seriously...I'm at half a tank already
and it's been a week of not driving ,save for back and forth
less than two miles usually a day..and the occasional errand
hmmmm....somethings fishy with dem' oil dudes! (fuckers)

music of the day : The Clash
food of the day: Dorsets berrie cereal from England mixed in Greek
Yogurt...yesss I'm sooooooooooo international!
Mood of the day: a bit punchy mixed with anticipation

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