Friday, May 9, 2008

major appliances kick ASS!

With a last shuddering GASP my fridge gave up the ghost yesterday morn...
PANIC of course sets in due to having just spent a gazillion dollars on
Greek Yogurt, assorted meats, milk and the like...and not feeling particularly
happy at the prospect of having to toss rotting food out..I prevailed upon
my kind landlord to produce another fridge TOOT SWEET!
O.K it's not brand's not matching my stove color..but it fits
in better, and seem happy with its lovely accoutrements....
I now present to you ,the newest member of the PJ household...

note the sexyness of the decoration chicy de boner!

no fridge is complete without a variety of PEZ magnets!!! STYLIN and Stylish!!
So 2008!

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