Monday, June 2, 2008

THIS JUST IN.........

...George Clooney, reeling from his breakup with his girlfriend,
was spotted last night attending a tony Hollywood party with
non other than his ex-bigheaded girlfriend, Cartooninst/Socialite,
Patty Leidy.
Is rekindled romance in the air for these two ex- lovebirds...?
Time will tell.When cornered in the ladies room,
Patty offered " It should work out this second time
around..see with my big head , it sort of balances it out
since George is so big headed as well...get it?
Besides, I don't mind it so much as the other gals
when George eats crackers in bed...I mean C'MON
would YOU toss him outta bed for eating crackers!!

All we can say is..Good luck you two CRAAAAAAYZE KIDS!