Sunday, August 3, 2008

It's OVER...sniff sniff...

...Until NEXT year!
So put away the shark lights and decorations, clean up the chum,
turn off the Shark Carols...for SHARK WEEK is officially over until
next year.Let's hope all of this Holiday Shark goodwill and cheer will carry thru
the rest of the year for all mankind...!

back to the regularly scheduled program.
On another note..unscheduled day off tomorrow
well spent working on stuff and taking care of
personal stuff.

So this OLD lady in my parents apt. building seems to be
prepping for her demise by cleaning out her stuff everyday..and
leaving things in the communal laundry room..
old costume jewelery, knick knacks...
and my dad manages to nab THIS little beauty:

NOW what a 93 year old woman doing with a woopie party nudie doll is
beyond me...but isn't it KITCHY COOL!?

Thanks dad!

off to bed ,it's too fricking hot in here!
xoxo my loves

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