Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look it's ... new boyfriend
Say hello to the nice folks Beck.

Got Modern Guilt yet?
No!? Why not?

Cooler, back issues again..( I know..I know..sigh...) at least THIS time it's the upper part so I can still walk and stuff..I just can't sleep now.

This should be interesting with my comic deadlines now...
What madness IS this?

music of the day: see above
food of the day: Mighty Leaf Tea for drinkin'....cooled me off plenty, Whole Foods has a nice assortment of them to pick from..go for it babe!
mood of the day: grumpy = no sleep for me

1 comment:

bluejoanna said...

Need a new mattress? That solved my backaches (but hurt my wallet a lil). Latex mattresses are awesome.