Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nothing like excess... keep us grounded..
Went to Elway's last night..slow due to the Convention ,so good for us..
Ordered a half a cow it seems...

Followed by a side of Idaho!

and a final presentation of a "Birthday Treat " for my friend...
a glorified chocolate glace' covered Ding Dong...

truly a noble attempt...breakfast and dinner for the next night apparently.
Saw famed chef Tyler Ward make an appearance at the next table..I avoided embarrassing myself by NOT going over there and gushing all over the man...

I no longer want to eat any meat for a while..
All in all a delicious meal..albeit EXPENSIVE meal..but delicious
I hear by declare Michelle the kickass waitress of the week!
Ask for her.shes funny and laughed at my jokes...

Shouldn't EVERYBODY get a chance to dine out with MOI!!!!


music of the day: Beck
food of the day: uggg...leftovers
mood of the day; back a bit better with a side of sleepy

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Reggie said...

Holy COW!!...sorry I couldn't resist.