Monday, September 29, 2008


I posted the same thought twice...ha ha..umm...'s one:

hitting the job boards..etc,etc...

oh's a snippet of part of my favorite section of the
comic page I did for MINERVA'S WRECK being published by the esteemed
Wayne Allan Brenner out of Austin Tex-Ass...The ink just flowed soooooooo smoothly for me know how lovingly
you react to something you all went so well?
Well then ya know how I feel there...LOL

music of the day: Bjork
food of the day: foraging at will
mood of the day; not quite satiated...

p.s : note about the gun, I HATE guns,
Guns are evil, I know firsthand
what guns can do in the wrong hands
etc..etc..yadda yadda..BUT , it
was a necessary thing for this I allowed it. But I am stating
for the record
guns suck ass..

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chess_poseur said...

hey patty,

i think pj otta be referring to "crossfire" instead of "crosshairs"...getting caught in 'crossfire' can be deadly, getting caught in the 'crosshairs' is just getting caught in the viewfinder of a hasselblad with your pants down.....hee hee