Monday, September 15, 2008

Monkey Brians part deux

To be fair..I had a bowl of oatmeal from the old box and I have to say..I was right , there IS a
difference in taste....sigh..I'm done with this soap box..

the HIGHLIGHT of my day so far has been a DEEEELIGHTFUL package on my doorstep when
I got home...a WONDERFUL present of ...those dang cute SILVER PEZ EARRINGS..from my DEAR, DEAR friend Stephanie Gladden, cartooning GENIUS bar none...a late birthday surprise indeed!! I love ya! Ain't birthdays wonderful! Esp. if you can celebrate
them all the time...hee hee... ;)

On a different note:

I have to say, you have to hand it to Mattel to milk whatever they can out of the
Barbie franchise...this is one of the latest offerings...
Barbie as Tippie Hendren in THE BIRDS...
I DO miss all the little blood spots and tears in her dress...maybe the doll comes
with a little bottle of blood and some shredders to personalize your doll..
What next, Barbie as.ohhhhh did they DO bride of Frankenstein's monster yet?

Day two of freedom, tasks completed: 1. found a printer that could actually DO
a decent copy for my art for MINERVAS WRECK anthology...( on it's way Mr. B..)
2. counciled a woman in the parking lot when she saw in the photocopy store I was a cartoonist...regarding her son..advice given, what little I knew about this
cray industry..I have little interest in superhero anything ,save for the odd thing or two...
3.cringed at the grocery store, realizing that yes indeed, I now will end up becoming vegetarian out of financial necessity. Prices are soooooooo out of control..
100 bucks on...well..not much...
4. now contemplating my studio, pens, paste up, tea awaits........

music of the day:
Elvis Costello
food of the day: chicken
mood of the day: back don't hurt as

have fun my little lovers!
put on yer party hats....


Robert Pope said...

Somehow, I just KNEW Steph would come through with those earrings! Cartoonist Genius INDEED! (how DOES she do it?)

bluejoanna said...

Now you need the matching necklace: