Saturday, September 13, 2008

An open letter to MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL...

Dear Monkey Brains,
WHY? WHY? WHY?....
I am a HUGE fan of your Blueberry Oatmeal, I eat it A LOT,
I rave about it A LOT to everyone I know...I enjoy the little
raisins, the cool BLUE /PURPLE colour, the yummy taste, all natural,
O.K Yes you are STILL organic, but WTF!?? You changed the DANG
INGREDIENTS! A smidgen yes...but ENUFF to CHANGE the dang taste!!
NOW it tastes..well...FRICKIN FAKE, DID i get a bad batch?
I'm not sure wasn't all PURPELY like before..hardly ANY raisins
in it( i counted TWO!)..and it had a ...GASP...artificial aftertaste! Now i KNOW it doesn't
have any..but, shoot,it DID...
Here's the OLD ingredients list:
Organic rolled oats, Organic evaporated cane juice,raisins,blueberry powder,
FRUCTAN(natural source of dietary fiber), natural flavor.

Heres the NEW ingredients:
Organic rolled oats,organic evaporated cane juice, raisins,dried blueberry.NUTRAFLORA(prebiotic), natural flavoring and coloring.

O.K so WHAT made it change taste? the NUTRAFLORA? The dried blueberry? The natural flavoring and coloring...? YOU tell ME?
SO PLEASE consider what you did, explain to me what it is that changed it...Did you do it to save production costs? I dunno? All I know is..I'm scared to open that next envelope tomorrow morning...i DO know..I'm going out to Vitamin cottage and Whole Foods to see if they have any of the OLD boxes on the shelves and grab em all...
Then rethink this whole MONKEY BRAINS allegiance....



Lisa said...

I understand how you feel, I am still in mourning that Aussie shampoo/conditioner, which used to be awesome, was sold to a company that started making it with cheaper ingredients so that it cost as much as before, but worked about as well as Suave. I think the new company also does animal testing.

Monkey said...

Patty! Monkey Brains here...I was doing my once per 2 month google to see how many other people are talking about how awesome Monkey Brains is...and my eyes deceive me? A complaint??? about Monkey Brains! NO! Well...I don't know what to say! It SHOULD be exactly the same! Granted...the packaging was updated to look better...but the formula is no different. Maybe it was expired!??? Did you check the date? Now, sometimes the pouches do get less pieces by accident...I've actually "worked the line" myself, and seen it with my own eyes...yes it's perhaps I'm to blame? There. Blame me. It's all my fault! WHAT HAVE I DONE????!!! WHHHHHHYYYYY!