Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fine Dining....

...last night with a dear friend. Bistro Vendome , near downtown.Chef Matt Anderson,Chef/Owner Jennifer Jasinski can do no wrong!
Outside on the garden patio ,under the twinkle light lit trees we dined on:
Hore D'oeuvres:
Escargot en Croute -garlic,shallots,parsley,fennel,topped with puff pastry(teeny tiny cute little puff pasty on top of the snails...)YUMMERS
Les Salades::
Salade du Jardin-season vegetables, champagne vinaigrette
Plats Principaux:
my dining companion had; Poulet Roti aux Herbs-
herb roasted half chicken, Yukon gold potato-leek-black truffle gratin, mache salad, chicken jus.
I had- Cuisse de Canard Confit- Molasses glazed duck leg confit, lentils,braised
cabbage, beurre blanc,grilled apple golden raisin relish.
We also had a side of the award winning Pommmes frites herbal seasoning with a sweet note to them...unbelievable...almost like a sweet treat!
Blueberry Lavender Compote
fresh whipped cream flavoured with lavender, under layers of phillo ...with blueberry compote topping it off...very decadent, rich..
toss in some dinner wines,fine french bread, samples from the kitchen and it was a stellar evening...
(the bill- actually very reasonable!)

music of the day: assorted
food of the day: what? your kidding? Recovering!!
mood of the day: satiated


Reggie said...

This is one of my favorite spots...girl, we need to get together to EAT...seems we are always passing each other!


we should "noodle bowl" it!

UrBadBoy said...

The dining companion was also satiated :-)