Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh, Ain't it GRAND?

Well wasn't Sunday a TREAT! I sold a tiny bit more than I thought,
less than I wanted..but the funny thing was,I sold the stuff I ALMOST left home
and didn't sell the stuff I thought I would..hahah go figure .
One gal and her two cool kids were totally geeking out on my stuff.
She's into Futurama, PEE WEE ..yadda yadda..anyway they
ended up buying me out of some of that and Simsons stuff and oh..about
$150 bucks later from her alone...I was getting a few stares from
booths near me cuz they had no action.Then this guy geeked out on me
when he saw The Tick toys and bought all THOSE..(dirt cheap I might ad, but I wanted
then OUT of my life!) Made sum but not enuff money. Oh well.
All in all..I was in severe pain by end of show.but got things organized
at home now..WOO HOO!
Less STUFF in my life....

more cleaning today..AND COMICS!!!!!

AND TEA..How cum I got so much TEA?

maybe cuz I never toss anything out til it screams at me..

Later my taters

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