Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday is Indigestion day

arggg! By the end of last night I was in so much backpain
I ended up taking some vicodine to get some sleep.
Hey, at least this time I didn't end up in the hospital!
Chiro this morning..Buddha bless him..

More turkey tonight at my sis..ohh la la..we shall be dining on
such gourmet fair...including pumpkin creme brule'!
Now I will be SICK of turkey for another year..ha ha.

By the way..the Pointer that won the dogshow yesterday musta' bribed
the judge...I was SURE the Samoyed had it!

Have a great black Friday! hee hee...NO WORKING AT THE

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hartchamber said...

My sister gave me turkey food to take home with me as she knows i tend to do rice and noodles and stir fry. good stuff but rich. my tummy will be happy and achy for a week