Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday is Wacky packs day!

hee hee..."gutterball" easily we were amused as kids,
and some of us still! In the spirit of the holiday I thought it
So what's everyone doing anyway tomorrow?
I do know if you get your sorry ass out of bed at 7 a.m you can see the
live feed of the Macy's Parade. (which I can hardly tolerate
for the bad chatter,cutaways to holiday adds and the endless stream of
"B +C "list celebrities lip syncing to bad songs...)..all that for a
glimpse of the Snoopy balloon and the Worlds best Santa EVER!!!!!
Man he always dresses so fricking SNAPPY!

After that it's the big dog show...then sitting around until it's time
to drive to the destination of choice for the annual glut of
overeating and saving room for that pumpkin pie...
All the while avoiding dining room table topics that might upset
ones digestion, politics, religion, sex, and my employment status..

Just think ,this time last year I was reeling in extremely debilitating pain and
ending up in Hospital...This year it's only mild angst, regret, and somewhat
annoying pain. Thank Buddha for Percocet and Vicondine.

I love ya all...have a good one and RELAX on Friday for fucks sake!

music of the day: The Cure
food of the day: ummm..okay we had Ice Cream
mood of the day: I got my first unemployment check, I can pay the rent!
What kind of mood do you THINK I'm in?

Oh yeah, a COMIC! ( least we forget why I'm here..)

Bye Bye BOBO.(whew!)

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