Saturday, December 13, 2008

Early Xmas for me!

Tee Hee... and I survived the mall too. Advanced gift
from Mama and Papa, money for much needed clothes.
Ohh I'm stylin' now.
It's not TOO bad being in the mall when you actually
don't WORK retail anymore. I could secretly laugh and feel
sorry for all the sad fuckers that have to work.

Cold front on the way, I laid in my stock of
MONKEY BRAIN OATMEAL . I'm ready to go!

I shall also be drinking the tea samples I got
from Mighty Leaf tea Co. Should be interesting.
I got a Chocolate Mint truffle tea to try..( hmmm)

O.K the chain of three has been fulfilled.
Forry Ackerman, Bettie Page, and now:
Van Johnson...enuff already.

Music of the day: NIN, Flogging Molly, Nick Cave
food of the day: Chinese
mood of the day: Spent

and speaking of Flogging Molly only 17 more days til they are here!
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I'm wettin' mah panties!)

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