Monday, December 15, 2008


HA! And that's saying ALOT from me, the girl
that is always hot. Luckily I don't have to be
ANYWHERE, and have a nice supply of hot tea,coco
snax,music,movies,sketchbooks ,pens,
blankie and a warm sock monkey
to keep me all warm and toasty fun today.
Who's in? BWAHAHAH

I think they said it was 10 below or more this morning.
Yikes. Well the sun is out but the ice inside my windows
is not melting off yet. My car almost didn't start yesterday
on my foray out.
Yet I'm a bit "antsy" to do something..figures, when it's best to stay
inside, I wanna go out..hee hee.
Today would be a good crafting day!


This is Hugh Laurie, my new T.V star boyfriend...guess the curmudgeon in him appeals to me..go figure all the men in my life have had some smidgen of it in them. HEE HEE

What's really funny is, I watched Sat Night Live this past week cuz he was hosting it.
The show STILL sucks ass, not many of the skits were funny at all.And I did find him amusing, but man I got so used to him not using his accent in HOUSE, that when
I heard his real Brit accent, It threw me...

Music of the day: The Cure
Food of the day: HOT
mood of the day: ARTY! ( oh, yeah and "jobhunty"..anyone hiring out there?)

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