Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday countdown

Ohhh it's the sad little Christmas tree in all it's pink tinsel splendor.
Sad little unemployed gifts under the tree. Well actually the bulk ,if not
all of them were purchased before said state of affairs.

Sock Monkey is Quite drunk on hot toddies and egg nog. I will forgive
him for biting the mailman.

Shopping excursion with sis to the Mall of Horrors for some
"power shopping" ,as she calls it. I suspect it will not be
a casual thing and by the end I will be questioning why I
went with her to begin needs new socks..
OOPS! I spoiled the surprise...Don't tell him.

Music of the day: I suspect Xmas MuZAC
food of the day; leftovers
mood of the day: feeling a bit doomed and damned for what I shall not say.

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