Friday, January 30, 2009

I forgot to put on deodorant today...

This has nothing to do with anything else here..but I felt, in the
spirit of full disclosure, I had to divulge that little unwanted fact.

Below you will find a two pager little doodle I did, that most likely will
not end up anywhere else but here, in this form. If you
are having trouble reading it let me know ,I will translate.
And yes, that IS barf.

Bought the chicken wings for my annual "jerky wing-ding treat"with
raspberry dipping sauce..hmmmmmmm mmmmmmm good.
for Super Bowl commercial day. ( Oh HELL, who watches the game?)
hee hee

Music of the day: The Smiths
Food of the day: chicken
mood of the day: vindicated and seeing
a light at the
end of the tunnel

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