Tuesday, February 3, 2009


man oh MAN! I'm getting a little sick of
this "stomach thing" I've had for..like
years....sigh...nuff said...back to self

Did that dang Gopher see his shadow..the newspaper
that EVERY YEAR had a front page story on it..
this year DID NOT...C'mon Rocky Mtn. News,
just cuz yer in the crapper and likely to
shut down any friggin second now...doesn't mean
you have to stop covering the HARD HITTING
News Stories now, does it?


oh yeah I was remiss...John Updike ..R.I.P
Run Rabbit! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music of the day: The Birthday Party, NIN
food of the day: tea and sympathy
mood of the day: spent and frustrated

back to the drafting board kiddies...


bluejoanna said...


You totally did this when I was little...I remember being amazed that anyone could draw anything on an etch-a-sketch. All I ever got was crooked lines. lol

hartchamber said...

the georgia one Gen. Beauregard Lee said early spring. Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil said more winter. The New York one, I hear, refused to come out. Considering the weather, each region has been having, it makes sense. SO, If i extrapolate by latitude(or with great latitude), bundle up! I think you're closer to north pole than new york.

ps. I use Ranitidine aka zantac. turns out my asthma is partially caused by reflux. really works well!