Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So It's snowing...
I just got back from getting a friend to
help get the overweight sandbags out of
the trunk of my car..cuz it was guzzling
gas so much...I mean I was driving around
with over 200 pds. in the trunk...WAy too
much I find out..so ,since we have had an
EXTREMELY mild winter..I figured..."I have GOT
to save on gas usage...soo"..
Now I have just 60pds over the back wheels.
(Spin out is SUCH fun in my car when I hit ice..)

Well I found it "ironical" at least...I'm not worried..
it's not sticking so far..
I mean how much weight DO you put in the trunk to
balance it out anyway? Anyone?

Umm not much else going on...those new Special K crackers ( multi grain)
are pretty good if yer curious...jus' so's ya know...

Music of the day: MORRISEY ( new album out next week, I'm SOOO stoked!)
Food of the day: HOTPOT TOFU
mood of the day: OUCH MY BACK!!

1 comment:

bluejoanna said...

What? You have to put extra weight (dead bodies?) in your trunk if it snows a lot? Weird. Stuff I don't gotta worry about. :-P