Monday, March 2, 2009


Seemed timely and all, since Rocky Mtn News bit the big one
on Friday. YA, the Post is just o.k. Didn't seem to have much
"news" in it..I didn't dig the layout,and the comics!
Well DON'T get me started...O.K I'm started.
LAYOUT fellas!! Give me a call I'll help ya out!
PLUS the size of the paper makes it, once again,
necessary to SHRINK
the comics down AGAIN. The old sizes get all wonky, which means
PEANUTS now looks like it went thru a pasta maker. Non Sequiter
now is too small to read some days. And ZIPPY lost it's ZIP,
Cul De Sac is harder to appreciate the delicate line work,and....
aaahhhh Fudge it...
No one listens anyway when we kvetch about the comics.
I will be timing it when the Post says it's gonna cut some
comics to save challenge to them.
Be one of the papers left out there that really KNOWS that
the funny pages are a BIG draw to subscribers.

I'm getting off my soap box now kids..aheeennn

love you all.


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