Monday, March 30, 2009

Firewire? FireTHIS!

When does every store I go to or call all of a sudden
run out of FIREWIRES? It's an insidious plot...bent on my
undoing and frustration.
BA! Wasted a morning when I could have been out doing my
laundry....oh wait, maybe it was a good distraction.
After all, I still have underwear left. I can go a few
more days with out doing laundry.
hee hee.

Dined last night at the most EXCELLENT restaurant BONES.701 Grant Street
Hours: lunch Monday-Friday, dinner nightly
Google it babes..if you live in Denver you MUST go and MUST get the
steamed pork buns. I had a lobster noodle bowl that was
KILLER. You could work thru the whole menu and want more..

off to that thing I do so well.
and change that punchline I did yesterday. It
ain't working for me.


music of the day; NEW PRINCE CD! (At Target ONLY)
food of the day; some sort of Indian mess
mood of the day: a bit snipey

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