Monday, March 9, 2009

Scratch THIS!

Ya I know it's early..but TARGET doesn't think so..They have all the crap out
already and I must say..I LOVE this years store decorations...very graphic with a hint
of nostalgia to them...trying to figure out how to score one of them after the
holiday..but I have no reason to have one and no where to keep it in my pad.
So scratch that! speaking of..............

Nothing better than itching yourself to death I say.
Did you know that CALAMINE lotion is now sold in a
clear gel form? I was so torn. Do I get that bottle,
and no one can tell I am using it..or do I get the
PINK bottle and walk around with that oh -so -familiar
childhood calamine lotion smell and the PINK
cotton ball sized dots all over my skin..looking like
a giraffe. Common sense won over nostalgia this time...
But, oh , was it tempting...

I have ACUTE URTICARIA with DERMATOGRAPHISM....on other words
some thing or someone made me very very hivey and itchy..
WHAT did I eat? What did I do, wash with sit on that did
this too me...I look like a wasteland of Pygmy mosquito bites.
A terrain of hilly bumps....
The itching of a junkie, looking for their next Benadryl and steroid get the picture...

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bluejoanna said...

I will never forget the Easter Aunt Patty taught us how to blow up Peeps in the microwave. :)