Thursday, March 26, 2009


"They" say up to a foot in the who knows. I'm just glad I
got groceries when I did! MMM fried chicken and snow bunnies!!!

Found some of my fave teas on sale too ,so I stocked up.
Gonna finish the delightful Mighty Leaf greens I got the other
day...and yeah you can only get the new green ones on their mail-order site.

I should be drawing,cleaning etc....but I seem
to be having fun watching it snow.
Waiting for the cable guy."Between 3 and 5" was the
timeframe..I'm taking bets now. What time do YOU think
he'll show?

music of the day: Culture club ..( I know! right?)
food of the day: chicken, green tea, blueberry yogurt
mood of the day: snowgiddy!

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