Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday tweaking

Ahhh..The mainstay of the American Breakfast table.
I don't think any other country obsesses so much over
the morning meal. OR has so many 'products' dedicated to it.
These days I tend to stick to the 'grown-up" cereals, the colon
cleansers, the anti-oxidant, every vitamin under the sun -cereals.
But every now and then I HAVE to get a nice box of Capn' Crunch, or
Smacks ( when I was a kid it was SUGAR SMACKS! tee hee), or Honey comb
They all taste a bit different now though..with all this added
"Whole grain goodness" in every frickin box, and reduced sugar...
But HOKEY SMOKES ...Hardly ANY of them have a "FREE INSIDE"
goin' on!!

Sigh....I'm going reflect on childhood memories...
and pick Froot loops out of my teeth...

Music of the day: U2
food of the day: flatbread and mushrooms
mood of the day: giggly

1 comment:

bluejoanna said...

Nowadays, IF there is a toy inside, it's on top, not even in the cereal bag itself. You don't even have to open the bag to get it. :-P When it used to be in the cereal, I would take the entire unopened bag out of the box and try to move the toy to the top of the bag before I opened it. :)