Tuesday, April 7, 2009

getting there

sigh.almost. I gave up and hooked up one of my old scanners.
The new one just didn't seen to be getting the greytones of the
pencils and I'm tired and out of time to mess with it too much
Anyone a killer with mac stuff out there?Scanners and such...lol

Here's a funny thing; The smoke alarms went off in our building at
4 a.m..right outside my door. Me and my next door neighbor were the ONLY one's to open our doors to see if indeed a fire was blazing somewhere.After discerning that it was just a bad battery, we disabled them and went back to bed.
not before decreeing that if indeed it was an actual fire, I was endowed with the power of a Goddess , deciding whose door to knock on and who would be left to be devoured by the flames. O.k not really but ,seriously, wouldn't YOU check to make sure
it wasn't an actual fire? Lazy asses.


music of the day: assorted
food of the day: bad stuff
mood of the day; a bit sick

ARGGG the workguy is here trying to fix the alarm...my ears hurt.

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