Friday, April 17, 2009


Well it LOOKS like snow bats. It's such fat ,crazy flying around
snow chunks that it COULD be snow bats! I decree it as such.

Back from hospital visit. I DO have photos but my better judgement
tells me NOT to publish such fascinating gruesome fare.
They took the bandages off Mom and the combo of her now fluid filled
back eye mixed with her stapled together head and dried blood hair
(what didn't get shaved off..)makes for a heady froth of
'ERKKK" when you see her. If you desire so , I can email it to you,
just ask.....bwahhah
I'm pretty psyched, they may be sending her home as early as tomorrow or
Sunday, she's doing so well!

Again,obviously no comics this week. But I have a good excuse.

Music of the day: hospital 'dings'
food of the day; HORRID hospital tuna fish sandwich ( see said sammich above)
mood of the day: a little happier, a little more 'Oh shit I gotta
find a job"

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