Saturday, April 11, 2009


the camera built into my iMac is a mirror's almost time to prep the microwave! WOOT!

here's a comic for ya.

There might not be much next week. My family is getting ready for
some MAJOR surgery my mom is getting on Tuesday. It's a ten hour brain surgery
argg...I don't think it's gonna take THAT long but I think that's possible
length it could take.

I am planning on trying to post from the hospital then
if I can find some free wi-fi for my iPod touch.

loves ya!
Now go get yer peeps! Unbelievably as HIGH as the tower of PEEPS
was at's decimated.

music of the day: the bone chilling screams from the
microwave as the innocent little peeps guts are fried.
food of the day: see above
mood of the day: satanic! MWAHAH

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